The Starseeds of Miss AstroKnot: Written in the Stars.

My name is Stephanie Michaud–pronounced “me-show” in a French accent–and I am the sole owner and designer for my small, online shop “AstroKnotty.” (Like astronaut, but with knot.) Cheesy? Absolutely.
The name is a play-on-word for what I like to describe as my “otherworldly fiber arts,” emphasizing my love for all things cosmic ~ Anyway, I am 28 years old, currently living in Central Pennsylvania and sitting on a psychology-neuroscience and sociology bachelors. While I had every intention of pursuing a medical doctorate, my life took an unexpected turn when I started a family early in college. This shift led me to re-evaluate my path, and ultimately opened the door to my creative journey and business endeavors.
For years, I felt guilty not following the conventional path that was programmed into me by the education system of the capitalistic “dream.” I wanted something simple, slow and more fulfilling, even if it meant sacrificing the promise of success and financial stability. Without regret, I found my true calling along the way. As a self-taught crochet artist and pattern designer, I am proud to share my story–written in the stars–for Miss Astroknot.
Growing up, I always had an itch to create something out of nothing–literally and figuratively. Inspired by fictional role-playing games, my early creative outlets focused on illustrations and compositions (I always thought I would become a writer). Money was far and few with the family, so my later extracurriculars were clubs like council, choir and theater–you know, the free ones.
While being lower income limited my options, it fueled me to think outside the box. On top of theater, I found joy in experimenting and developing my self-expression with fashion and style. I pushed small-town boundaries, and enjoyed taking on roles and dress-ups for characters both in and out of the classroom. From cutting and coloring my own hair, to wearing mix-matched outfits with clashing patterns (I’m talking cheetah with floral print–something my partner still debates the compatibility of as to this day), I have always thoroughly embraced individuality and finding ways to stand-out.
And while I could reminisce all day on where my passion for fashion and design originated, let me get to the point. I wholeheartedly believe making my side-living as an artist and pursuing entrepreneurship was my destiny. From taking commissions for friendship bracelets in 7th grade, to experimenting with Myspace coding in 9th, the starseeds of AstroKnotty were planted for over a decade before she was intentionally born– finally coming to bloom in my college years.
With heavy inspiration from the music and arts festival scene, I developed an obsession for beadwork and jewelry. Macrame served as my gateway to work with other fiber types, which include but are not limited to: sewing, weaving, rug-tufting, and my personal favorite: crocheting. Over the years, I have meticulously built a brand around my passion and now proudly offer a range of handmade clothing and accessories from crochet sweaters, to sewn matching sets, and now my best-selling digital download patterns.
Despite battling imposter syndrome, I can’t help but feel an immense amount of pride and gratification for how far I’ve come as a self-taught fiber artist in such a short span of time. I’ve successfully built a recognizeable and reputable business with AstroKnotty, offering customers the opportunity to either purchase original physical prototypes, or tutorials and patterns that will empower them to create their own works. I am eternally grateful to be part of a supportive community that allows all parties a mutual benefit, and I heavily encourage others to start their own creative journeys! You do not have to change your crafts into a career, but you can change your life with art and self-expression. Fiber arts have profoundly impacted my own life, as have each and everyone of my customers and supporters.
Furthermore, while you may remember me as HempBySteph, I have retired that previous brand to proudly introduce a more all-encompassing
 ⋆⟡˙⋆  AstroKnotty ⋆˙⟡⋆  
So I welcome you to the one-stop shop for all your otherworldly fashion needs. ✿ I encourage you to embark on a cosmic journey through a world of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, lovingly crafted by yours truly. Stand out from the crowd with creations that will wrap you in a star-child aura. Let me help transform your fashion dreams into reality! ♡