⋆ Miss AstroKnotty ⋆

My name is Stephanie Colleen, and I am the sole designer and creator for AstroKnotty. Years ago I began exploring fiber arts with macrame weaving, and along the way, discovered a deep passion for yarn and hook work. Being a fiber artist allows me endless creative freedom and I am forever grateful for the gift my body and mind have given me to make and share my art. ♡ 
Furthermore, while you may remember me as HempBySteph, I have retired that previous brand to proudly introduce a more all-encompassing
 ⋆⟡˙⋆  AstroKnotty ⋆˙⟡⋆  
Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your otherworldly fashion needs. ✿ I encourage you to embark on a cosmic journey through a world of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, lovingly crafted by yours truly. Stand out from the crowd with creations that will wrap you in a star-child aura. Let me help transform your fashion dreams into reality! ♡
Available Products

Available Products

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