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Hemp By Steph

Bi Pride Oversized Crochet Cardigan

Bi Pride Oversized Crochet Cardigan

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I’ve been so focused on the festival season lately.. and I’m finally so so excited to release this cardigan design! This cardigan is unique from my others and has more of a puffy sleeve design with ribbed stitch cuffs for the wrists and border—reminds me of a varsity jacket almost :) I wanted to make this an oversized design to fit many sizes ~~

**She’s priced higher because this design takes me longer than my basic cardigans

The Bi Pride Cardi is made of soft acrylic yarns in the colors of pink, purple and blue. Model is 5’1 and 130 lbs. Please hand wash only :)

Will be making more designs like this, so keep an eye out ❣️❣️
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