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Hemp By Steph

MTO - Hooded Shawl

MTO - Hooded Shawl

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Back by popular demand! However, without the mushrooms :) This shawl will require // approximately 3-4 weeks of time // to create. I have had multiple interests in bringing this shawl back and am in the process of fulfilling a custom order now! So please be patient as I gather materials and create :)

**There may be slight variations in design / colors / size. It may be slightly larger or smaller than pictured but will be big enough to wrap around you.

I am absolutely in love with this handmade crochet hooded shawl! Major forest fairy vibes with this one ~ 🌞🦋🌈❣️🌻

This shawl will come with a lace up tie for the front to help wear it securely and off your shoulders. The shawl is lined with a faux fur and is so stunning!
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