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Hemp By Steph

Sacred Geometry Pinecone Pendant

Sacred Geometry Pinecone Pendant

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This one is made using medium size pinecone slice, sanding it down, coating in shellac, and adding a Metatron’s Cube silver inlay before decorating with mimic holographic beads. This pendant measures about 2 inches in diameter and is coated in a thick resin.

The knobcone pinecone slice is a beautiful peace of nature - I sanded it down, sealed with shellac and resin, and cured in the sunlight. Please keep this pendant away from extreme temperatures for long periods of time. The waxes cotton cording is adjustable and can be worn longer or shorter depending on preference ❣️

Please keep this pendant out of extreme temperatures - do not leave inside of a hot vehicle. Other than that, this pendant will last a long time if cared for properly :)
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