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Hemp By Steph

XS/S Trippy Crochet Cardigan

XS/S Trippy Crochet Cardigan

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I am so stoked to finally share this beautiful creation with you all! 🦋👅🌈😍💕🌻🌞 This cardigan is 100% handmade with a freehand design I came up with :)

***Cropped cardigan style depending on your height. Model is 5 foot 128 pounds. Best fits XS-S

This hooded cropped cardigan has a large eyeball appliqué on the back and the hood has fuzzy bear / car ears I created and have sewn on!

** It is completely UV / Blacklight reactive! All the yarn is neon :)

The bell sleeves are super fun and the entire cardigan is lined with neon faux fur. This cardigan took weeks to make and over $70 worth of yarn. The neon yarn is no longer being sold in stores and is very difficult/expensive to find - so price reflects my time, materials and the uniqueness of this piece!

This cardigan is perfect for festivals and major Burning Man vibes from how unique this is! :)
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